3 Ways To Provide Effective Nuclear Shielding For Your Company

Posted on: 6 April 2017

If the industrial and manufacturing processes that take place in your factory put your company at risk of nuclear exposure, minimizing the risk of exposure is critical. Implementing proper nuclear shielding protocols can be a beneficial way to protect your employees and the public from the harmful effects of inadvertent nuclear exposure.

Here are three simple products that your company can invest in to help provide maximum nuclear shielding for industrial and manufacturing processes in the future.

1. Lead Bricks

Many nuclear substances cannot penetrate the surface of lead. This means that many nuclear shielding products are made from lead in order maximize the amount of protection they can provide after installation. Lead bricks can be a beneficial investment when your company is looking to increase its nuclear shielding capabilities in the future.

Lead bricks can be used to retrofit an existing building space in order to make it impenetrable to nuclear substances. Adding lead bricks to your manufacturing facility will allow you to prevent the transfer of nuclear materials during manufacturing.

2. Boron-Filled Polyethylene

If you are looking for a lightweight product that can help your company prevent the inadvertent transfer of nuclear substances that are produced during manufacturing, then investing in sheets of boron-filled polyethylene.

Boron has the ability to repel nuclear substances, preventing these harmful substances from seeping through the surface of a product impregnated with the right amount of boron. You can use large sheets of lightweight boron-filled polyethylene to line the interior walls of any rooms within your factory where nuclear substances are being produced as a byproduct of the manufacturing process. This boron-filled polyethylene will help to provide valuable nuclear shielding against contamination in the future.

3. Lead Wool Shielding Blankets

When you need to provide nuclear shielding for a specific machine used in your company's manufacturing processes, you might want to consider investing in lead wool shielding blankets.

These blankets are made from a lead wool product, which allows them to repel nuclear substances while retaining maximum flexibility. You can easily wrap lead wool shielding blankets around delicate machinery to keep nuclear substances from leaking out, and you can even layer the blankets to provide greater levels of protection where needed.

Being able to provide adequate nuclear shielding is essential when your company's manufacturing processes have the potential to generate nuclear substances. Try investing in lead bricks, boron-filled polyethylene, or lead wool shielding blankets to maximize your nuclear shielding capabilities in the future.