Prepare A Solid Waste Plan

Posted on: 11 May 2023

Greenhouse gases that are released from burning or decomposing trash contribute to global warming. Throwing away an excessive amount of trash can be costly, minimizing the amount of profit that your business generates. Use the following guidelines to assist with creating a solid waste plan.

Begin At The Source

An online waste management tracking app will determine how much waste you throw away on a regular basis. This type of app will calculate the types of waste materials that you typically dispose of, plus the volume of trash that is thrown away within a specific timeframe. Using an app will make you conscious of the amount of trash that has accumulated.

An app that provides a comprehensive analysis will indicate which types of waste materials can be reduced. Many of the materials that you currently dispose of may be eligible for recycling. The app will provide you with an analysis that lists sustainable solutions that will cut back on the amount of trash that you incur in the first place. 

Use Some Containment Strategies

Once garbage leaves your place of business, it should be contained in biodegradable bags and waste receptacles. If you do not have an organized waste storage plan set in place, consider upgrading the manner in which you store waste.

Contact your waste management service provider. They can advise you on upgrading the manner in which waste is stored. If you currently need to have trash hauled away on more than one day each week, you may want to rent a dumpster or look into ways to begin recycling some of the waste materials.

Break Materials Down

Breaking materials down will allow you to closely inspect the components. During the process of breaking materials down, you may take note of renewable components that can be repurposed. For instance, if you decide to dispose of structural materials or furnishings, you may discover that many of the materials can be used for another reason.

Even if you are not able to use the materials yourself, you may be able to sell them or have them recycled at a local recycling plant. Breaking down materials will also allow you to save space within trash cans or dumpsters.

If you currently throw boxes and other bulky items away in their original form, the size of the items may be filling up your waste containers prematurely. Breaking down items will allow you to optimize the amount of storage space that you are supplied with. For more information, contact a waste management service near you.